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You can help – Cool down your Cat and Dog!


Cool down your Cat or Dog this summer!

As Northland’s hot weather continues and record drought conditions are recorded, pet owners must pay close attention to their pets needs!
Cats and dogs can become extremely hot in these summer conditions and with no sign of rain on the forecast the question on everyone’s lips is….

“How can I help my pet to cool down?”

The good news is you can help!

Clip your pet:
Simply clip the underbelly fur off your cat or dog! You can do this carefully yourself or take your cat/ dog to the vet or groomer to help. Clipping the under-belly fur off allows your pet to have a greater contact area to cooler surfaces and it will allow your pet to cool down a lot faster. It is best practice to clip the fur on their tummy only as you do not want any skin to be exposed to the sun.
Wet your Cat:
Most cats don’t like water, but they do like to be brushed! A most ingenious idea is to simply wet the brush or comb prior to brushing you cat. This way your cat will get dampened without panicking and enjoy the attention. If you have shaved off the under-belly fur off you can apply a cool wet cloth to the area to help cool them down.
Wet your Dog:
Walking dogs in this heat can be a great idea is to wet your dog with a hose before you take them out on a walk, this will help keep them cool. Remember to take a water bottle/ bowl for your dog to drink from during and after the walk. Taking your dog for shorter walks in this hot weather is best, likewise walking them first thing in the morning when it is cooler is ideal. Plan your walk taking your dog to the beach or lake for a walk and swim may be a great balance.

Make sure water is always available for your pet. Pet water fountains, bowls of water with ice cubes maybe a fun treat for your pet. Doggy pools or cool gel mats are also good alternatives at home to help cool your dog down
Air circulation:
Increase air circulation at home. Turn on a fan or the air-conditioning unit and try and utilise any breeze to increase air flow through your home.

***Most IMPORTANTLY Know the signs of heat stroke!***

To learn the signs of heat stroke, click here:

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Heat Stroke is a serious condition in Dogs!

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