Emergency Vets

COVID -19 infecting our world & affecting our nation!

walking dogs

Auckland rest assured that at this time COVID-19 is very much a human to human circulating virus.

This unleashed pandemic is travelling through highly populated areas from one person to another. With many global news reports suggesting that a viral airborne, droplet stream is highly likely to be the key method of transmission between people. This is due to the small viral particles and their ability to float in the air longer.

You may have seen a few reports out there internationally regarding animals… In New Zealand the advice given to the public from the Veterinary Council of NZ is featured on their website.

Key points to remember are:

• Keep your animal in your bubble
• Do not let your dog mix with any other dogs that are not in your bubble & if outside ideally use a lead
• Do not let strangers touch your dog when out and about
• Keep you cats closer to home

If you become unwell or with ill with COVID -19, do not panic about infecting your animals…

• Practice good hand hygiene around your animals
• Wash your hands before you feed or touch your pets
• You can still hug and love your animals; kiwis love their pets and animals are good for us but…

• We would recommend that you Do NOT sneeze in your environment without sneezing into
a tissue, towel or face mask and wash your hands/ face with soap and water afterwards.

• In our opinion the key in a pandemic is to reduce all environmental risks, reduce airborne virus particles which will in turn reduce your risk of transmission to other members in your household including your pets.