Emergency Vets

What to expect

In case of an emergency

If you’re planning to bring your pet to us for emergency treatment, we ask that you call first to seek our immediate advice and to allow us to prepare for emergencies as they arrive at our clinic.

Our team will triage your pet as soon as it arrives. Typically, your triage will be performed by one of our well-trained emergency veterinary nurses either over the phone or on arrival. Pets that are assessed to be stable will be seen by the veterinarian in the order that they arrive.

If your animal is found to be in critical condition or needs urgent medical attention, your pet will be treated immediately.

Payment Policy

It is our policy that emergency care is paid for at the time services are rendered. Typically, the costs associated with emergency vet care services are higher than those at your regular day clinic. This is due to the higher costs associated with providing out of hours emergency care.

If your pet is admitted to the animal hospital, a detailed estimate will be generated, and you will be asked to leave a 50% deposit.

We understand unexpected vet bills for your beloved pet can be stressful. Pet loan companies such as Pet Funders can alleviate the stress of financing emergency care in these situations (petfunders.co.nz).